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Private Policy

“Clonko(An Online Trading Concern)” maintains some privacy policies in the interest of the company reputation as well as the security of their customers.

Influential and significant information about the company website

The important information of the company is secured safely so that no unscrupulous agents can use the name of the company to deceive the customers. According to the company's legal act, any company who illegally uses “Clonko” name to sell duplicate products will be punished by the act of law.

Privacy maintained on the information of the customers and members

All the information collected from the customers regarding their addresses and banking cards are protected with much attention using advanced encryption techniques. Customers and members are requested to lock their information in the account with personal passwords which are not to be disclosed. The site is designed to show alert popups for the security of the customers whenever any information is saved.

Information regarding browsing of the website

Whenever the website is opened our navigation informer records it for our own development. Even if someone just visits the site without purchasing anything the navigator can track it. The tracking is done not for the collection of any personal information of any kind but for the improvement of our site and training purposes. This help us to know how the needs of the customer and we can update our inventory as per the demand.

Information shared willingly or by preference

Sometimes consumers have to share information while payments or for feedback. The company website secretly stores these information for the needed purpose only. Feedbackis sought through emails which are used only for the up gradation of the company as per the demands of the consumer. Sometimes email idof the customer are used to inform about the offers and products of the company as per consent given by the customer. Phone numbers are not mandatory but if a customer share that voluntarily it keep the customer updated about the current offers of the company through text messages. Customers can unsubscribe from the promotional email/ messages at any time by updating user preferences for their account.

Internet database for the consumers

To store the billing and shipping information of the customers the company has created internet database. Through this any customer can store their billing and shipping information such as billing and shipping addresses so that they will not have to enter these information every time they purchase from this site. Again one can track their purchased products easily for this database.

Information regarding marketing policy

Our company does not share any information of our customers for advertising and marketing purposes. Marketing messages are sent only to those customers who subscribe them. Customers are always allowed to unsubscribe then whenever they want through the options in their account of the site.

Handout of personal information

Our company discloses only those information internally to a limited staff of the company which are needed for the completion of your purchase. Only a limited reliable staffs who are responsible to carry on with the process of the purchase is given the information.

“Clonko(An Online Trading Concern)” safe shopping guarantee

Our company gives 100% guarantee of a safe and reliable online shopping to our customers. We give special attention to the satisfaction of our customers with the care of security to it. Whether it is the transaction or personal information our company is bound by the confidentiality agreement with the customer.