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Know How to Choose Your Perfect Yoga Mats?

Who does know the benefits of yoga? Yoga is a discipline that originated and practised in India centuries ago. It is best to stay fit and active and maintain a healthy physique. If you are new to this, it is necessary to know about the yoga mats. There is a large variety of Yoga Mats in India available in the market. So, it is necessary to know how to choose your yoga mat from the available options. We know that no two mats are the same, what’s right for you. Before you pick a mat, understand what to consider and what to avoid when making the right choice. Here are a few criteria’s that you should consider while shopping for the right yoga mat.

The material of the mat

The material of a mat definitely matters as you need to sit for several minutes and practice yoga. The yoga mat should provide you with enough grip along with the fine grip. Always refer to mats that are made from natural or recycled eco-friendly materials like hessian, natural rubber, TPE, etc. Yoga Mats in India are available in different materials. Thus, pick the best one with traction, stability and great comfort. That mat you pick should be with anti-slip material on both the sides. This will avoid slip on the floor and will avoid any injury.

Thickness of the mat

The thickness of the yoga mat varies between 1mm to 15mm. This provides the best option of Yoga Mats in India from extremely thin mats to a most commonly used thick ones. Thin mats are light when you travel and are best to take anywhere. They also have straps that make your travel smooth and comfortable. Thus, pick a mat that is standard in thickness and meets your expectation.

Price of mats

This is an important factor that comes to play when you look for the suitable Yoga Mats in India. You can easily find mats in a wide range of price depending on the quality, thickness, brands and other factors that decided the price. A high-quality mat definitely provides more comfort in yoga and is easing your more challenging yoga routines. You can also choose a mat with cushioning that makes yoga a fun activity. We know that you have to spend time with your yoga mat daily. Thus, never compromise on the quality and look for the mat that best fits in your needs and in the budget.

Choose the brand

Even cheaper mats can be a good idea if you spend less time or looking for a mat if rarely used only during the travel and have a regular mat. Before you shop for Yoga Mats in India, know all the best brands available in the market along with their price. You can also take help from yoga coach or a friend who is using a mat. All you need is to know your yoga activities and then decide on the mat that meets your expectation and ease yoga practice. Your decision should be based on the type of yoga practice, thickness, material, quality and price of the mat.