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Why Zafu Meditation Cushion is Preferable for Meditation and Yoga Activities

Meditation has remained in practice for more than thousands of years in various Eastern cultures as a strong way to find the truth as well as enlightenment. Today, most of the western culture people have chosen it as an effective way to relieve stress in the daily lives. However, a large number of western culture people often face difficulty in sitting in a lotus position on the bare ground and may feel the strain on their legs and lower portion. Thus, in order to allow doing meditation comfortably, most of the experts have now come up with Zafu Meditation Cushion for yoga and meditation purposes.

Overview and Functions of Zafu Cushion

Zafu is a special type of cushion provided to all individuals while they sit for meditation. Irrespective of the purpose behind meditation, such as enlightenment, weight loss, release of stress or anything else, it is very much essential for us to sit in an appropriate posture by keeping our back straight. In this situation, Zafu Meditation Cushion plays a prime role to maintain the appropriate body posture and at the same time, provides comfort to the lower portion during the entire session.

Composition and Color Combinations

Zafu Meditation Cushion products come in cotton fabrics with natural filling of fiber kapok. Even you may find a wide variety in its shapes, colors, designs and sizes to perfectly with individual tastes, likes and preferences. In addition, such cushions are available with removable covers to help in laundering even when the exterior portion of such cushions becomes soiled. If this is not enough, you may get Zafus in varieties of shapes and comfort levels. Last, but not the least, Zafu Cushions available for meditation and yoga activities come in different sizes and thicknesses to adjust easily with the body of a person and his/her well level to provide personalized comfort.