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Need of Yoga Accessories

Yoga is not just a fitness regime; it is a way of life. Apart from being a set of physical exercises and postures; it also offers a spiritual connect with body and soul. Physical fitness is importance but so is important mental fitness and health thus we can concentrate much on our work efficiently and as a result can lead a healthier as well as happier life. It is generally not possible for everybody to follow those arduous lists of various yoga postures which need a certain level of support and guidance. To ease your task; Clonko offers a varied range of Yoga Accessories required for balance and support so that you can follow yoga even at your adobe just sitting peacefully at your terrace or at park. When we talk of yoga we can’t underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation brings work-life balance, enhances mental clarity and decision-making skills and nurtures trust, creativity, innovation and intuition. So we offer best meditation accessories according to your comfort.


At Clonko, we offer a great deal of Yoga Accessories providing superlative support during yoga and meditation. Our store has:

  • Yoga straps/belts

  • Zabuton

  • Zafu

  • Eye pillow

  • Bolsters

  • Acupressure mats

One can get high quality Meditation Accessories that often are a source of inspiration as well as an expression of commitment to meditation practice. Accessories like Zabuton and Zafu helps us boost our meditation power. These enhance our capacity to bring your mind at rest and help you achieve the rest that is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. Zabuton makes our yoga possess comfortable as it provides adequate cushion for hips and knee. Yoga Straps/Belts are available in variety of colours and are preferred for balancing during challenging yoga postures. Another accessory is Eye Pillow, which is helpful in headaches, sinusitis, migraine attacks and meditation and thus offering you peaceful sleep and naps anytime anywhere.

Clonko offers Eye Pillows made of cotton which is best of the fabric one can have. These are unscented eye pads filled with cotton seeds giving the eyes needed comfort and relaxation. These eye pads have good elastic bands attached to them keeping Eye Pillows stable on your eyes without causing any kind of irritation.

Acupressure was basically originated in China. But due to its immense healing properties, in less than no time became popular globally. Acupressure Mats are available at Clonko for providing healing without medication. At Clonko; mats with varying density of pressure points are available. These Acupressure Mats are made of a large foam rubber pad which is usually covered in cotton sacking, the surface of which is inlaid with tiny hard disks typically made of plastic containing protruding plastic spikes for applying pressure. Yoga Blocks are also important yoga accessory if Stretching is one cause of concern for you. These tiny helpers will support you to facilitate many yoga poses, especially the ones that involve standing stretches. Other accessories like Bolsters help in various postures of yoga thus easing our exercise regime to a large extent.

Coming in portable sizes; many can be taken alongside whenever you are on a go.


The variety of Yoga accessories available at Clonko is mesmerising and seeing the need of yoga and fitness for all, the products are very reasonably priced so that every yoga lover can afford the products. We offer best of quality product and each piece is tested and thoroughly checked before delivery. Enjoy our Yoga Accessories with daily yoga sessions.